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He played one of the more boring offenses in Madden NFL 24


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With Seattle's final-month dominance with the final month,the Seahawks start the Madden 24 coins game as road favorites against the NFC East champs.But all five of their losses of the season occurred in the road,and RGIII is likely to have an additional week to rest and get his knee back.The 2011 Heisman champion was evidently hampered during the Redskins last two games during the season,sporting a large knee braces that reduced his speed running in the backfield.Wilson avoided significant injury in the first season but increased his efficiency each week in order to keep the Seahawks rolling in the postseason.

Meet the Redskins

The Redskins have entered the postseason on an eight-game winning streak,having rebounded from a 3-6 record during their bye time to climb to the top of the NFC East.Griffin completely flipped his fortunes for a team which hadn't made it to playoffs since 2006 And he played one of the more boring offenses in Madden NFL 24.In the first week,RGIII became a sensation,lighting up the Saints during the opening week,and following up as the new captain towards the end of the season.

Mike as well as Kyle Shanahan dramatically altered their offensive strategy to match RGIII's skill set,utilizing the pistol and the zone-read option.Chris Brown highlighted the offensive shifts in Washington,and the Redskins ran it to perfection against Dallas to seal this division in Sunday's game.Griffin is averaging around seven yards per carry when using the zone-read,and even wearing a knee brace,he effectively found running room around the edge to beat the Cowboys.Although he's not 100 per cent,Shanahan and RG3 have chosen the best spots for the defense to decide,and he's athletic enough to make yardage even when he's not running at 100.

Of of course,RGIII isn't the only rookie to score yards by grabbing huge chunks of the backfield.In his debut game,Alfred Morris has been a remarkably productive running back.In fact,the sixth-round selection made all the spotlights during the final game of the season.Morris had a monster 200-yard night against the Cowboys while setting the Redskins record for the most rushing yards in a single season.Morris finished the season in the top spot with 1.613 yardswhich is the only time Adrian Peterson had more-and scored 13 touchdowns,including seven in Washington's last four games.The rookie leaps through gaps and quickly gets into the next level the defense,perfectly fitting into the Redskins new offense.The rookie duo paced Washington to the madden 24 mut coins top rush attack in the Madden NFL 24 with an average of 169.3 yards per game.

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